Mini USB Powered Bluetooth Music Transmitter – 藍芽音樂傳送器 – S2503



This usb transmitter is a very handy device, plug and play. It can work with any brand of devices such as TV, PC,
CD Player, iPod, Kindle Fire, MP3/MP4, etc. With up to 32ft playing range, it is ideal to work with TV/MP3/MP4
etc and transmit high fidelity sound to your Bluetooth stereo headset, Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth
speakers and other Bluetooth stereo audio systems. Easy to use for power supply by USB.

Pls Note:
1.*Tx9 transmitter does not apply to samsung smart TV
2.*If it is used on TV, before buying, please confirm whether there is audio output interface on TV such as RCA or 3.5MM interface.

How to Pair:
1. Plug this product into your PC/TV or laptop’s USB port or power bank to provide power for it.
2. Connect the product to the PC/TV or laptop computer with audio cable (Note: 3.5MM audio output port or RCA audio ouput port).
3. Turn on your Bluetooth headset or speaker and make sure it enter the pairing mode (Pls turn off your phone’s Bluetooth).
4. Press the pairing key for about 3 seconds, the light flashes quickly, and it will automatically search nearby bluetooth receiver to pair.
5. Wait a minute after the completion of the pairing, play the music or video on computer. Sound will be
transmitted to your Bluetooth headset or speakers (if the pairing is unsuccessful, you can try it again)


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