Wireless HDMI Video Transmitter and Receiver – with IR-HDBitT Extender up to 50M – S06148




Wireless HDMI Video Transmitter with IR-HDBitT Extender up to 50M/
LKV388 wireless hdmi transmitter and receiver up to 50m exclusive HDBiT Extender

Discover the freedom of arranging your living room without being limited by your audio/video devices.
Wirelessly transmit the signal from your Blu-ray/DVD player, digital cable box, satellite receiver,
laptop, or gaming console up to 50m away in high definition with HDCP compatibility to your HDTV or HD projector.

Supports 5.8GHZ, dual-band
Supports IR 20~60Khz: Control your HD devices from any room in your house with the included infrared remote extender
Supports full HD from 480 to 1080p
Easy plug and play, no software is needed
Compatible with HDCP
Transmission protocol: HDBitT

Wirelessly Send HD Video & Digital Audio1080p@60HZto any HDTV
Now you can easily stream HDMI high definition audio and video without running messy cables. There is the minimum reduction in picture quality allowing you to experience full 1080p resolution. The wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver will allow you to watch any device with HDMI connections on any HDTV wirelessly.

Powerful Long Range Digital Signal
The wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver allows for wireless transmission of true 1080p HD quality up to 164ft. This system is capable of transmitting HDMI video and audio with inconspicuous latency through walls, floors, and ceilings without interfering with other common wireless devices such as WiFi or Bluetooth.

Control Your Devices Remotely
The infrared extender makes for a convenient solution for changing channels on your cable box. The included extender allows you to control your media device from any area of the home. Change channels, pause your movie, adjust volume – any function available will work using the remote extender. It supports wide-band 20~60khz IR, compatible with 99.999% remote controls.

Out of the Box Wireless Streaming
The wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver is ready to go right out of the box allowing you to quickly set up the system and begin benefitting from wireless HDMI capability. Just plug the transmitter into your devices HDMI port and the receiver into your HDTV and you’re immediately connected. Eliminate the inconvenience of installing messy cables. No software or WiFi connection required. The transmitter has 1x HDMI input and the receiver has 1x HDMI output.

LKV388無線傳輸器50米 無線HDMI傳輸器 抗干擾 超穿牆力


HDMI無線傳輸器延長器通過HDbitT傳輸協議與無線技術相結合,將HDMI信號無線傳輸 HDMI設備顯示。

延長器發射端與接收端之間不需要任何連接線纜,運用環境簡潔,使用更方便 穩定



1) 通過無線連接可以將HDMI來源設備與HDMI顯示設備
2) 支持紅外遙控傳輸功能,可遠程控制信號源播放曲目
3) 發射端與接收端不需要布設網線
4) 運用環境更簡潔,使用更方便穩定


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